Mantra Vutura releases BIAR their collaboration with Danilla Riyadi as another step towards their upcoming album Human


SeputarMusik - Mantra Vutura is a breeze of fresh air in Indonesia’s electronic music scene founded by Tristan Juliano and Zakari Danubrata in 2017. Recently they’ve released a single collaboration with Bam Mastro, entitled ‘Moonlight’. As they’ve just announce all the collaborating artists of their upcoming album, they’re here with their next single featuring Danilla.

‘Biar’ is the second single to Mantra Vutura’s upcoming album. The track purposely sounds like two different songs in one. The first half, the song appears as an emotional ballad with Danilla’s smooth vocals soaring together with strings upon an electronic music arrangement. The song breaks down halfway into a simpler arrangement, where it moves into a more danceable beat constructed by percussion and a flute solo. The track raises the subject of modesty and temperance, thus a complex arrangement breaking down to a simpler beat was meant to represent such themes.

Mantra Vutura has always been drawn to Danilla’s song writing, where her lyrics are simple and engaging yet meaningful enough to leave multiple interpretations. Mantra Vutura believed that often things are displayed with such modesty hold a deeper story and meaning, and that such modesty itself increases the concentration towards its value. Through this track, Danilla shares how she deals various judgements about herself, from the praises to the less favourable, to face it all it with humility and temperance.

Biar feat. Danilla is now available on all digital streaming platforms on August 23, 2019.

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