JAMIE MILLER Berkolaborasi Bersama YOUNG K (DAY 6) "Maybe Next Time"



Seputarmusikindo.com - International pop music sensation Jamie Miller has shared a new version of his hit single  “Maybe Next Time,” which has garnered over 10M+ global views/streams since release back  in May. The new version features an original verse by Young K, vocalist and bassist of South  Korean band Day6 (JYP).

“The lyrics delve into the heartache we’ve all felt in one way or another – the longing for a love  that’s just out of reach,” shares Jamie Miller. “I hope to share with my fans the belief that  there’s always a chance for redemption and growth. Here’s to hoping that next time is the time  we all find what we’re searching for.” 

"When Jamie reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating, I was very  grateful”, adds Young K. “Then I heard the song, loved it, and I tried my version of the verse.  I hope everyone enjoys our ‘Maybe Next Time’.”


Jamie Miller came from humble beginnings in working-class Wales and rose to prominence as a  singer-songwriter in 2017. He has since achieved meteoric success with over 1 billion global  streams and widespread acclaim from People, Billboard, The Huffington Post, and artists such  as Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Sam Smith, Jennifer Hudson, BLACKPINK, and many others. 

To date, the Los Angeles-based artist has released one EP, Broken Memories (2022), and a  handful of singles. In 2021, his single “Here’s Your Perfect,” pushed him even further into the  limelight earning over 300M streams and charting at number 100 on the Spotify Top 200 and  number two on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Additionally, the hit single spent 13 weeks on the  Billboard Global 200 EX Chart (#106) and spent two months in the Global Top 100 on YouTube  Music (#37). 

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